Saunarantti (sauna + restaurant) is a truly unique destination located in Parainen, right on the southern shores of Airisto bay. Travelling by car or boat, we are a mere 45 minutes from Turku. We’ll provide you and your guests with the soft steam of our genuine smoke sauna – recommended by none other than The International Smoke Sauna Club. Or take a dip in our wood-fired hot tubs, the first of their kind in the archipelago. After your sauna experience, dinner is served. Savour our classic treats straight off the charcoal-fired BBQ, or try our house specialties prepared in the smoke sauna.

Sauna and hot tubs

At Saunarantti we offer our guests two traditional sauna experiences. Our genuine smoke sauna heated with alder wood creates a smooth and gentle warmth and our normal sauna offers a glimpse of the sea. On the pier, our two red cedar hot tubs provide an enjoyable 40°C bathing experience whatever the weather – rain, shine or under the glow of winter starlight.


Archipelago delicasies

Pomppe’s Grill Menu includes fillet of lamb, beef liver, chicken breast and sausages – all prepared over a charcoal grill.
The Saunaman Menu includes salmon and pork ribs smoked slowly in our sauna. Another favourite menu is our garlic roasted lamb and beef entrecôte.
With all of our menus we offer a traditional pepper sauce, a wild mushroom sauce, seasonal vegetables, potatoes, fresh salads, and of course, dessert.
For our lunchtime guests we serve salmon soup accompanied by fresh archipelago black bread.
At Saunarantti, everything is prepared by hand from the freshest ingredients. Our menus can also be combined or arranged for whatever tastes you might have. Please ask when arranging your visit!


Our experience in serving corporate and private guests in the archipelago dates back to 1985 when, Willa Frida, the predecessor of Saunarantti, was established. Saunarantti as it exists today has been operational since 1997. As a family, we take our business personally!

In Finland, smoke saunas are one of the oldest and most cherished traditions. However, because of the manner in which they’re heated, it’s inevitable that they’re burnt down and rebuilt with some regularity. This tradition continues at Pomppen Saunarantti.
The mother, Maija, has burned down four smokes saunas in her career, and her son Marcus only one (thus far). The father Mikael is okay with this, because now everyone knows how to do it!